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Is your pond or lake what you hoped it would be?  If not, how long are you willing to wait for it to “get right”?  Contact me and I’ll let you know if you’re on the right track.  If you’re building a new pond or lake, I can provide guidance to get you started right.

I’m available to provide service throughout the Ark-LA-Miss area.  You’ll find my fees to be reasonable, particularly when you consider the time and money that I can save you.  I can charge by the hour, but it’s way better for you to sign me up on an annual basis.  When I’m on your team, I’m available for questions and concerns at your convenience.  I also make routine visits to spot potential problems before they turn into real problems.

I provide detailed guidance to help you achieve your goals.  My recommendations include the management tools you’ll need and that’s all.  I don’t sell products or services.  My product is experienced management advice.

You can be assured that my recommendations are in your best interest.  If you want someone like me in your corner, let me know.


Mike Wood

Professional Fisheries Biologist