Hello, I’m Mike Wood and I’m a professional fisheries biologist.  I specialize in the management of freshwater systems and I’ve worked with everything from small backyard ponds to large multi-purpose impoundments.  Before I retired as Director of Fisheries for Louisiana, I was responsible for fisheries management in all inland waters of the state.  Over the years, I found that for every one of those waterbodies, there are decisions to be made that can either help or harm a fish population.  If you have a waterbody, you’re faced with management decisions too.  I’m available as a private consultant to help you make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

That’s what Mike Wood Services is all about. I work on your behalf to make your waterbody the best it can be.  I work closely with owners and provide an educated sounding board for ideas and questions.  I make it my business to understand all the different factors that influence your waterbody.  If you’re not satisfied with your waterbody now, I can get you back on track.  I can also provide an unbiased review of reports and recommendations that you may have received from other consultants.  I can help you understand which services are necessary and which ones are optional.  I can help you manage toward a better, healthier waterbody and save you time, money, and headaches in the process.

My product is simply experienced advice. I work directly with property owners as a personal biological adviser.  With me in your corner, you don’t need to rely solely on recommendations from someone who also just happens to sell those products and services.  I serve as your council for everything related to your waterbody.  I’m available for questions or concerns at your convenience and I visit client waterbodies on a routine basis to spot potential problems before they turn into real problems.

So if you need an experienced biologist in your corner to help you make the right management decisions, I can help.

mikewoodservices@gmail.com   or   318-376-3474.